Deborah King


I am a sixth-generation ancestral Chinese medicine practitioner.  If you are a Tianjin native, you can go to Tianjin Laolaodian Street to inquire about an old Chinese doctor by the name of Mr. Jin. The old gentleman is now in Tianjin and his reputation is well known. The old gentleman is my grandfather - forth generation of the Jin family. The parent generation is the fifth generation and I am the sixth generation.

I am a professional at:

Pain Treatment & Care:Whole Body Pain; Localized Pain; Menstrual Pain; etc.

Internal Disease: Stroke: Sequelae of Intracerebral Hemorrhage (e.g. Hemiplegia); Hypothyroidis/Hyperthyroidism; etc.

Gynaecological Disease: Menstruation Disorder; Infertility; etc.

Relaxation: Massage for Sport Recovery, Pregnancy Relaxation, Pain Relief for Seniors, etc.

General Disease: All type of Allergies; etc.

Weight Loss: If you have already given up trying, give yourself another chance to get healthy and fit by collaborating with us! 

Adjust your eating and unhealthy habits and your health will be with you.

Wish you the best of health.







When I was a child, my parents would send me to my grandparents when they went to work. Although my grandma played with me all the time, I was longing to play with my grandpa, the whitebeard kind-hearted granda with a lot of patients. 

My grandpa was the forth generation doctor of traditional Chinese Medicine. Every day my grandpa would sit at one side of a small table on bed, with the patients on the other side. He was patient and kind-hearted. Patients would fill the whole room and many of them were coming from afar by train or long-distance bus.

My deepest impression is that whenever there is a patient with financial difficulty, he would use his pen prescribing the medication to push back the fee from patients, leaving them the money to buy the medication and tickets for the return trip.

I heard that my grandpa is an imperial doctor. He is very low key and never showing off. At that time I was too young to learn the prescription and treatment form him, only knowing he was a kind-hearted man and I love and appreciate my grandpa.  

I learned the Chinese Medicine from my mother.  Although bad-tempered,  she is kind-hearted and faithful. Therefore, my grandpa left all his secret prescriptions and treatments to her. The great asset and heritage greatly blessed her business and she never lacks patients.

I 'appreciate' my mother's bad temper, because if it is not for her strictness and my fear of her, I would not have learned Chinese Medicine. When I was 36, I suddenly has the enlightment and found the key to Chinese medication. Ever since then, I love to help people with all kinds of physical discomforts. Once I diagnosed a patient with cancer by symptom differentiation, the Chinese way of diagnosis, and asked her to check with her doctor. It turned out she really had the cancer. However, after two month treatment, her cancer cell disappeared during the re-check. Even the doctor couldn't believe what happened. This miracle makes me love and have more faith in Chinese Medication.